The Dumbest Anti-SSM Pamphlets Yet Have Been Distributed In Melbourne

Ahhh yes, good. Another day, yet another example of the ‘respectful debate’ so many LGBTQI people are experiencing around the country during this whole postal vote survey marriage equality shit fest.

Malcolm Turnbull‘s claims that the queer community could rely on the side campaigning against marriage equality to remain civil and respectful has, surprise surprise, turned out to be absolute bullshit. Unfortunately, we didn’t need to wait to have proof shown to us, because as LGBTQI people, we have been living our lives and experiencing homophobia for a very long time in this country.

But regardless, proof that forcing the country into the postal vote would bring out all of the nastiest homophobes has happened again and again. Proof that we would be faced with an avalanche of people denigrating us, and our families, has been shown again and again. Proof that people think of our families as wrong, and lesser, has been shown again and again.

The latest, a new achievement in bad arguments, comes to us from Thornbury in Melbourne. People have gone to their mailboxes and discovered some brilliant new campaign material from the ‘No’ campaign.

Besides the fact that they obviously stole this idea from ‘Jurassic Park’, as shown here:

The concept is just so incredibly dumb. Comparing relationships to seat belts is stupid. Reducing something as complicated as love and marriage to a physical object is stupid. Implying that marriages are only real if they produce children, ignoring that same-sex couples are already having children and that shitloads of heterosexual couples are not? Very stupid. It’s all just so stupid.

Also the claim that “It’s biology not bigotry” is such a bullshit cop-out. Just because you are not a Nazi who is calling us child abusers, and just because you aren’t using swear words in your ads, it doesn’t mean you aren’t causing damage. It doesn’t mean when a queer person opens their mailbox and reads your propaganda, that they are not made to feel terrible, or concerned.

The only way seat belts are relevant in this entire debate is that members of the LGBTQI community are going to have to strap in tight, because this is just gonna get uglier and messier and more hurtful.

Unrelated, all cars should be equipped with those cute rainbow seat belts from now on.