CONTENT WARNING: The following article contains images of homophobic slurs.

Malcolm Turnbull‘s “civil and reasonable” debate on marriage equality continues just about as well as we expected it would, with the latest homophobic drivel in the form of these posters spotted in Melbourne and reported by a number of shocked passersby:

via Swinburne StalkerSpace

The posters appear to the work of a group of cowards calling themselves the “Antipodean Resistance“, a bunch of Neo-Nazis who are claiming responsibility for postering the Melbourne CBD with their hateful, and 100% factually inaccurate, bullshit.

(They’re also the fuckheads with a laughable Hitler-in-sunnies logo, who are too chicken shit to show their faces in their ridiculous we-took-a-racist-flag-to-the-bush group photos.)

The group has uploaded an original image of the poster to their Twitter, along with the source of their stats on child abuse in gay families: a poorly-sourced and widely-debunked article in right-wing rag Quadrant.

As Buzzfeed has reported, reputable sources of statistical information have found that there’s no difference in wellbeing between the kids of same sex parents and the kids of heterosexual couples. The Neo-Nazis’ determination to spread vitriolic misinformation is just another depressing, but inevitable, outcome of opening the topic of marriage equality to the general public: encouraging extremely vocal minorities to believe that postering a city with lies and hate speech is part of a reasonable national conversation.

It’s bad news all round for any hopes of a debate even close to resembling “respectful“, and once we’ve all voted YES and we finally score marriage equality in this bloody country, the people in power are going to owe the LGBTQIA community a very fucking big apology.

EDITOR’S NOTE: An earlier version of this post suggested that a white supremacist group co-opted the Katter Australia Party’s logo for one of these posters. It is actually unclear who created the poster with the KAP logo. We regret the error.

Source: Buzzfeed
Image: Darcy Jacobs / Facebook