A Gentle Love Note To ‘Dumb Birds Of North America’, The Best Tumblr Ever

Before you say it, yes – this Tumblr is not new. But it’s truly a gift to anyone who lays eyes on it, so I’m still writing about it, OK? OK.

Field Guide To Dumb Birds Of North America is a Tumblr account that details birds. Of North America. But in a funny way. There’s not a lot of factual information and it’s mainly the author bitching about birds.


Obviously these are not the real bird names, but who cares. That would be boring and involve learning, which I hate. I would rather fill my brain with meaningless funny drivel and call it a day.


The author says that he loved bird-watching as a kid, but when he got older he realised all birds are jerks and I think he still likes them? But has a healthy cynical attitude toward them and realises they’re tiny feathered assholes.


Anyway that’s all there really is to say here – this Tumblr is great and you should all go have a strong afternoon scroll through it instead of working your job.

Unless you are a doctor or a nurse or some form of crime fighter because then you might accidentally kill someone via not being there to un-kill them, and that wouldn’t be a good time.