Around 50 Native Birds Die After Falling From The Sky Bleeding From Eyes In SA

Around 50 native Australian birds have died overnight after they fell from the sky in front of children attending vacation care at an Adelaide primary school.

Children at One Tree Hill Primary School in south-east Adelaide were reportedly left “very upset” at the scene as birds fell from the sky with blood coming out of their mouths.

A now-deleted Facebook post from the school said the children were intent on making sure the birds were cared for.

Sarah King, the founder of Casper’s Bird Rescue, told ABC Radio Adelaide that she was first tipped off to the mass bird deaths on Facebook.

“I got a phone call that was quite distressed saying [the birds were] falling everywhere, falling out of the trees. I saw one falling out of the sky. They need help.”

King said that it was hard to say what had caused the deaths before more research had been done. She said that visually it resembled past rescues where birds had been poisoned.

“At the moment we’re just looking to get as many birds out of misery as possible,” she said.

A Playford Council spokesperson told Yahoo News Australia that there had been significant resources invested into “non-lethal strategies” to deal with corellas in the area. The birds have a reputation for causing damage, taking apart light fittings, and destroying crops.