An absolute maniac has been charged with dangerous driving after sending their Tesla Model S speeding over railway tracks, resulting in an incredible amount of air before crashing into a primary school parking lot.

Thanks to a surveillance camera close to the scene, footage of the car gliding through the air has been uploaded to YouTube. Bless you, technology. Please do yourself a favour and check out the insanity below.

Good lord, look at that thing go. Police in the Canadian town of Barrie issued a stern warning for those who think the event looked “cool”, mentioning the driver’s upcoming court appearance in October. To be fair, it does look pretty cool.

But in a far more serious way, you should absolutely never go full send with your Tesla or any other car. Local news outlet, Barrie Today, reported that the 46-year-old driver and passenger sustained minor injuries after the car hit the ground insanely hard, which is pretty obvious from the footage. Investigators say the vehicle went completely airborne over the tracks and landed 100 feet (about 30.5 metres) down the road in the oncoming lane before smashing into a tree. The driver was arrested at the scene.

No really, don’t launch your car into the air like that. It’s bad.

Image: YouTube / Barrie Today