‘Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun’ Exhibition Swells To Over 40 Artworks

ArtBoy Gallery curator Marc Huntington is quite pleased with the number of dicks his space has assembled.

As his Melbourne gallery prepares to host a world-first IRL exhibition of Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun’s hard copies, he told PEDESTRIAN.TV “anything that gets somebody’s creative juices flowing is a good thing.”

“Flow” is an understatement, of course. At time of writing, the now-iconic Facebook page has amassed over 375,000 followers. That’s nearing half of the actual paper’s daily readership. And that number is there solely to have a giggle at a cavalcade of engorged members.

Despite his role as a professional artistic conduit, Huntington isn’t immune to having a laugh either.

He said many of the artworks – nearing 50 at last count, up from the original 20 hand-picked pieces – are still under wraps after being professionally framed, but that’s not stopping him from sneaking some peeks.

It’s hard to have a straight face,” he said, before waxing lyrical on the masses of penile penstrokes.

“The penmanship or the brushwork is beautiful. These aren’t crudely drawn doodles from a textbook, quite a lot of these people are established artists,” he said, referencing the likes of one Johnathan Guthmann, whose Gothic stylings transcend, well, drawing wangs on newsprint.  

“The bar is set quite high in the exhibition. I can look at it like that, and then as a giggling teenager,” Huntington said. 

Still, detailed dongs alone do not an exhibition make. The display is the spawn of documentary filmmaker Larry Boxshall, whose massive input Huntington “hasn’t envied.” 

Working with the page’s originators Dylan Merritt and Jeremy Bassett, Boxshall was tasked with choosing the works; as part of his duties to the exhibition, he’s also been flying interstate to interview artists involved for a flick on the knob-phenomena. 

Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun: The Documentary promo #1 from Larry Boxshall on Vimeo.

Adding to the carnal fun is the knowledge the film’s climax will be sourced from footage taken on the exhibition’s closing night. 

Before then, Huntington said visitors can expect to peep some searingly topical pieces, including one featuring a certain Cardinal Pell. Despite the ability of wanton cocks to spruik current issues, Huntington maintains the artform has its short, curly roots in antiquity.

“Nudes and genitalia have been on display since man starting drawing on cave walls,he said. Of course, it’s the Facebook wall that’s catapulted dick-drawing helmet-first into the 21st Century. 

Credit: Brent Andersen

Posted by Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun on Sunday, 20 September 2015

Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun: The Exhibition is going down at ArtBoy Gallery, 99 Greville Street, Prahran, Melbourne from 6pm on Friday February 26 ’til Sunday February 28.

As Huntington says: “don’t bring the children along. Don’t expect anything other than what the exhibition’s about, and you’ll see some amazing penmanship and penwomanship.”

Photo: Brent Andersen / Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun / Facebook.