BBC Apologises For Gaffe À La ‘Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun’ Feat. Prince William

In news that confirms our home-grown, beloved, twisted, rite of passage tradition Drawing Dicks On The Herald Sun has officially crossed the seas and infected international dispositions, BBC Breakfast accidentally broadcast a casual picture of the heir to the throne—rightful owner of the spawn the world collectively blew in to hysterics over—decorated lovingly and lavishly with a penis sprouting artistically from his forehead; along with a striking moustache, goatee and a few missing teeth inked in the contemporary artist’s medium: a permanent marker. Royal fever at its best, everybody. <3

The few seconds were broadcast on BBC Breakfast for a promotional video of the comedy group Barbershopera‘s song, I Could Have Married Kate, in which the delightfully offensive phallic rendition appears. The BBC editors apparently “failed to spot the offending material”, causing them to issue their inevitable apology along the lines of, “Sorry Prince William, while we often express our artistically repressed woes as BBC editors in our spare time—drawing the occasional cock issuing from your mouth over breakfast—it probably doesn’t belong on TV, as hilarious as it is, et cetera.”

An early spotter of the slip up commented on Twitter by telling the BBC to “please be more careful” re: dicks on princes. More careful? Hey BBC, please do the exact opposite of that—abandon care and let the acquired hobby of dick drawing flourish. Apart from being an antiquated pastime of the contemporary canon, we know it’s often a sensitive, insatiable condition that one cannot simply qualm: