Dozens Of White Nationalists Just Held Another Rally In Charlottesville

Oh, good: notorious white supremacist Richard Spencer and dozens of alt-right / white nationalist / neo Nazi goons have marched through Charlottesville, Virginia, wielding tiki torches, to the statue of Robert E. Lee. Again.

It’s the second march since a much bigger rally in August, which left one woman dead after a 20-year-old white nationalist drove his car into a crowd of counter-protesters in an act of terrorism.

Tonight’s rally was a more subdued affair, but it still came complete with bloviating speeches from Spencer, who is most famous for getting clocked in the mouth on TV.

Dressed in the uniform of tedious jerks worldwide (beige slacks, white shirts, navy jackets or a combo thereof), this small band of cranky white blokes held their $2 torches aloft as Spencer warbled tremulously through a megaphone about “white America“.

We are a people with interests“. Powerful stuff.

According to eye witness reports, the gaggle didn’t stick around for long, dispersing after trying out a few other lame chants.

Locals gathered to ward off any possible conflict, and a candidate for governor of Virginia issued the following condemnation of the rally:

We’re eagerly awaiting another weary response from the poor, beleaguered makers of those Tiki torches. We do not envy them having to constantly distance themselves from a pack of literal fascists.

Whether Trump will respond, of course, is another matter. We all remember what happened last time.