WATCH: A White Nationalist Leader Was Punched In The Noggin Mid-Interview

Meet Richard Spencer.

Spencer is the leader of the alt-right movement, which is just the 2016/17 way of describing actual white supremacists.

He’s the one who stood up in front of 200 people at a conference last November and cried, “Heil Trump, heil our people, heil victory!” and was answered by the Nazi salute.

If you’re thinking right now that you kiiiiinda want to clock him one on his very punchable face, well, we’ve got news for you: somebody beat you to it.

The white nationalist leader was solidly thumped during an interview with the ABC, who were covering the history-making Women’s March protests in Washington D.C. this weekend.
He was asked to comment on chants from a nearby crowd calling him a neo-Nazi, and explaining that – despite evidence to the contrary – he wasn’t one.
“Neo-Nazis don’t love me, the kind of hate me actually,” he said, in the kind of tone people use when they explain that no no, it’s actually Frankenstein‘s monster you’re thinking of. 

Spencer was just getting into what his Pepe the Frog pin symbolised (a heinous crime in and of itself) when he was socked right in the noggin.


ABC reporter Zoe Daniels said that it was the second time he’d been punched by the same bloke.

“I moved across to ask him what he was doing at the protest and to get his reaction to being punched by a random stranger,” she said. “It was during that conversation that the masked man came back again, running from a distance to deliver a much harder blow to the head.”

Spencer has filed a report with the police, but so far authorities haven’t identified his attacker.

Now the attack has put a lot of people in a rather conflicted position. On the one hand, violence is bad. On the other, so is calling for the extradition of entire groups of people based on their skin colour and/or religious beliefs, so… 

Photo: ABC.