DoorDash Is Slinging Daily Discounts On Your Fav Restaurants This Month If You Want To Save $$$

I don’t think I’d be the first to say this, but after a long day of work, the last thing I want to do is cook up a big meal. There’s only so much time in a day between going to the gym, cleaning, and watching TikTok on the toilet for an hour to decompress.

Not to diminish the experience for those who find cooking to be a therapeutic experience. Routines are good to have, but sometimes it’s nice (and needed) to conk out and abandon all responsibility for a night.

There’s nothing worse than getting ready to cook up a nice meal, and realising you don’t have a key ingredient or it’s expired. And if you’re already exhausted, heading out to pick up a meal can make you prefer to just take a nap for dinner instead. Thankfully, there’s a way to avoid all of this and spare yourself the mental stress.

That’s right, the good folks at DoorDash are offering steep discounts for the next five weeks on everything from groceries to food. No longer do you have to worry about bumping into someone you might know while picking up enough dumplings to feed a family (for one). You can merely just order through the app, and go about your day.

From Monday, 19th of February, until Saturday, 23rd of March, DoorDash will be running a ‘Today’s Special’ deal and offering up daily limited-time offers on some of your faves, including Guzman Y Gomez, BWS, Zambrero and more. These deals will be popping up throughout the day, and they can sell out.

You can expect some pretty hefty discounts as well, like a “buy one footlong, get another free” deal from Subway, $5 pints from Ben and Jerry’s, $5 burritos from Guzman Y Gomez, and even 50% off the entire menu at Domino’s.

Whether it’s some ice cream to help you cool down after a long hot day, or some quick groceries to pull together a meal, you’ll have plenty more time for yourself at night without having to step out. That’s more time to continue smashing it on that side project you’re working on, striking off the list of chores you need to do around the house, or spreading democracy in Helldivers 2.

Download the DoorDash app here.

Image Credit: Drive (2011)