Here’s The Final Deal From Uber Eats’ Virtual Food Festival So I Hope You Like Burgers

Where the bloody hell have you been? We’re currently on the last day of Uber Eats’ Local Food Festival which means you’ve missed out on almost all of the major deals.

ICYMI: Uber Eats has organised 13 Days of Dining Deals™ to celebrate local restaurants across Australia. It’s like Christmas has come early but no one’s forcing you to eat a half-cooked fruit cake.

The virtual food festival has been heavily discounting various cuisines since June 18 and, in turn, profiling local restaurants that deserve Olympic medals for the quality of food they’ve been dishing out.

The discounts are also being funded by Uber Eats so that restaurant partners are still taking home the same amount that they would without the promotions, which is positively lovely.

The Food Festival wraps up today but not to fret – they’ve saved the best for last:


All you need to do is head to their site to grab the promo code for your specific state (yes even you’re included, Western Australia).

If the past discounts are anything to go by, you’re bound to chow down the best food in your neighbourhood for the price of a dodgy burrito being sold out the back of a dodgy dude’s car boot.

The other day was Italian Day, so Uber Eats was slinging a full 50% off Italian cuisine. If you were savvy, you’d buy in bulk and freeze it so you have gourmet spag bol just lying about for those 3am cravings or to throw at the wall when you want to chuck a tantrum.

I know what you’re thinking – how can this possibly be a food festival without tunes? Won’t somebody please think about the tunes? Well, you’re going to look like a right tit in T-minus zero seconds as Uber Eats has gone ahead and curated a Spotify playlist for every separate day of the festival.


Pro tip: click the image to head to the actual Spotify website

And of course, the real reason we’re all here besides the tunes and food and music and grub and bangers and burgers and playlists and pizza, is to keep supporting our local restaurants as much as possible. Remember that Uber Eats has been covering the cost of the discounts offered during the Food Festival, so you can rest easy popping in that promo code.

Head here for some short stories of the faces behind the food.

*No UberEats x Spotify endorsement, sponsorship or partnership is to be implied.