Uber’s Slinging Millions In Goodies To Members This June, Which Is Huge For No License Baddies

We know we don’t have to say it again, but the cost of living is cooked right now. I decided to make tacos last night and simply wept as I checked out at Woolies spending $45 on tortillas, a piece of white fish and some hot sauce. $45!!! For that!!

While things are a little grim, there are some silver linings to look forward to e.g. the impending announcement of Australian dates of The Eras Tour, Barbie’s release and, of course, all the sweet, sweet EOFY sales coming our way. 

One of the best sales to have caught our attention is Uber’s bloody ‘uge EOFY offering, where it’ll be offering millions in discounts and savings to customers.

There’s a tonne of money to be saved across the board, so here’s a little rundown of what you’ll be able to score:

  • The first ten thousand folks to sign up to Uber One (using the code BEEFYEOFY) will score $100 worth of savings at restaurants in a single transaction this month.
  • There’ll be giveaways up for grabs in selected states across Australia, including the chance to win a year’s worth of groceries on Uber Eats, and promo codes from $5 to $100 off future grocery orders.
  • Existing Uber One members can save up to $200 on exclusives, including deals from thousands of restaurants nationwide (on top of the usual benefits like $0 Delivery Fees), as well as deals from Coles, Woolworths Metro, IGA, Spudshed and QE Foodstores and neighbourhood liquor stores.
  • During June, Uber One members can claim $15 off an Uber Reserve trip and 20% off Uber Pool and Uber Comfort trips.

Sounds pretty dang huge, right? I feel like Mr Krabs saying this, but think of all that sweet, saved money. And, of course, all those deliciously discounted Pad Se Ews you’re going to slurp up when you just can’t be stuffed cooking on a chilly Wednesday night.

If you’re yet to sign up, you can head right here to cash in on some of these deals ASAP. And if you are already one of the elites/smartos who’ve been snapping up deals from Uber One already — pat yourself on the back and prepare for even more savings this month.