Donald Trump Called Chrissy Teigen A “Filthy-Mouthed Wife” And This Is The Final Straw

In what’s probably the most flagrant display of online social suicide I’ve seen in forever, deflated fart cushion Donald Trump has called Chrissy Teigen – noted angel – a “filthy-mouthed wife” which I’m pretty sure is a hate crime in at least three countries. And he thought he could GET AWAY WITH IT.

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Firing off some tweets about the Criminal Justice Reform in the US, Big Donny also called John Legend a “boring musician”, in a thread that props himself up as *the* President who signed off on the reform, while diminishing people (read: not Republicans) who were campaigning for the reform – or so he thought.

After Chrissy saw the tweet, she had a hell of a field day with it – considering she didn’t participate in the NBC interview that aired in the US on Sunday night.

Chrissy Teigen retaliated in her classic hilarious vein, calling the President a “pussy ass bitch” for calling her out without tagging her in the tweet meltdown, preparing for daughter Luna‘s first day of school, and laughing at the fact that Donald called her out despite her not being a part of the NBC special – because he’s clearly a messy binch who lives for drama.

If there’s anyone you’re going to come for online, why the fuck would you go for someone like Chrissy Teigen? Are you…an idiot? I mean that’s already pretty obvious but hell, don’t come for the Queen of Online on her greatest platform you fool.

If anything it’s got us asking: well fuck, Chrissy, when are YOU running for President? Because at this rate I can assure you that a lotta people would absolutely prefer you over Mr Donut over there. At least your Twitter game is strong and unfailing, instead of just screaming at tantrum-levels into an echo chamber circle jerk.

Chrissy Teigen 2020, make it happen. Please for the love of all good homecooked meals and taking the piss out of yourself, make it happen.

And if America can’t make that work, at least we’ll have this moment in history: