Doctors/Smart People Sic Searing Burns On That ‘Pro-Skin Cancer’ Journo

The Herald Sun are copping a few @’s on Twitter today, after publishing a piece entitled ‘Political correctness has stolen our kids’ identity’. 

The ‘vague-in-order-to-be-inflammatory’ headline lends itself a umbrella-esque bone in order to pick apart a range of different ‘Old Man Yells At Cloud’ sorts of issues, in the space of about 500 vastly uninspiring, unconvincing, and downright dangerous words. 
Firstly – did you guys know that if it weren’t for ‘The PC Police’, kids would still be getting sunburned to a crisp and not getting sick at all later in life? Crazy!
The piece speaks of a time where children could have ‘multiplying freckles, flaking noses, and blistered shoulders’, and author Elise Elliott longs for the days where she could lather herself in oil and just fry her skin cells into tangible melanomas, without any of these pesky ‘Stasi‘ doctors telling her she might die. 
Elise also mourns for the days when people could eat ‘Takeaways, Chiko rolls, and Pollywaffles‘ continuously and not be told off apparently. Man, the good ol’ days sound rad and consequence-less, don’t they? Especially when heart disease definitely doesn’t kill one Australian person every 12 minutes, and 280 Australians definitely don’t develop diabetes each day
Medical professionals, and other people (who aren’t doctors but they’re just not absolute fucking idiots) have been retorting with their big mean PC-ridden, scientific facts:

Well Elise, we just want you to know a few things:
1. Uninformed opinion masquerading as faux medical advice has no place in mainstream media. You are endangering lives by encouraging shit that literally kills people.
2. You can put all the Reef Deep Suntan Oil on and fry if you want to, babe – no one’s stopping you. 
Source: Herald Sun
Photo: Twitter