The Deputy PM Reckons The Nationals Have Been United “For Always”, And Uhhh

Deputy Prime Minister and National Party leader Michael McCormack is having a good night. With about 30% of the votes tallied in Riverina, it certainly seems like he will retain the seat. If the vote holds, and if McCormack can fend off challenges from the likes of Labor’s Mark Jeffreson, he should be able to provide his party a much-needed semblance of stability.

Except McCormack doesn’t seem to think the last 18 months have been anything extraordinary for the party.

Speaking to ABC News, McCormack said the Nationals “did run a united front during the campaign and certainly we were all on the one page,” adding “we were very united during the campaign and we have been for always.”

Given the fact his predecessor Barnaby Joyce is expected to retain his seat of New England – after a campaign in which he said the Nationals leadership was effectively still his – McCormack’s statement of unity is worthy of a lil’ scrutiny.

Just one of the many fun beefs to be relitigated during this ungodly campaign.