#DefineAboriginal Is The Hashtag Pauline Hanson Should Be Forced To Read

ICYMI, noted white people Pauline Hanson and Andrew Bolt had a big ol’ chinwag yesterday about what it means to be an Aboriginal Australian, making them two of the most unqualified people to talk in the history of conversations.

Hanson, in all her wisdom (read: none), solemnly declared that there “is no definition of Aboriginal”, to which normal humans might at the very least sputter some kind of response but to which Bolt just nodded along.

Australia in 2016, people!

Obviously, it’s beyond a joke, and the fact that this woman was elected to the Senate says volumes about the deeply racist parts of our country.

“You all see this shit?” wrote Ryan Griffen on Twitter, who you might recall as the legend who created TV’s first show about an Aboriginal superhero, ‘Cleverman‘. “Another white person telling us what it means to be Aboriginal. It doesn’t work like that.”
He then sent #DefineAboriginal trending, which tbqh is essential reading for every single Australian, and should be mandatory for the One Nation party leader.
Uh, Pauline Hanson? You don’t need a debate on what it means to be Aboriginal. Just read the damn hashtag.

Griffen took this hashtag full circle, changing track and tweeting the positive definitions of being Aboriginal.

That last one? Right in the feels. :’)

Photo: Getty / Bradley Kanaris.