I Could’ve Written Anything Today But I Could Not Look Past This Cooked Step Brothers Deepfake

Deepfake technology in the wrong hands: Scary, inevitable, unprecedented levels of crime & identity theft. An unpredictable and unstable future that I frankly don’t wish to be present for.

Deepfake technology in the correct hands: A good lol when ripped indeed.

Someone mark October 2020 in the history books as the exact moment in time when deepfake technology reached its peak purpose.

Feast your hungry eyes on this prestigious (worldwide) video that sees 80s action blockbuster beasts Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone starring as the new Brendan & Dale becoming best friends in the Step Brothers “Did we just become best friends?” scene.

Honestly, I’m gonna need the whole film, pronto!

The casting choice here is immaculately wholesome and therapeutic to watch as Arnie and Sylvester are known to have a bit of a long-standing rivalry with one another. But just like Brendan and Dale they have too much in common to deny and should be sharing what their favorite dinosaurs are and favorite non-pornographic magazines to masturbate to.

This video is insanely real, particularly Arnie as Will Ferrell. They must have the same shaped foreheads. Sylvester as John C. Reilly still passes in flying colours though.

The video was made by a deepfake Youtube channel @brianmonarch, who seems to be getting way better at their craft with each new video. I mean, this Step Brothers deepfake is no match for this Kanye/50 Cent WAP deepfake that was only released 2 months ago.

What are their deepfakes going to look like in another two months? I want to know (I don’t want to know).

Anywho, looking forward to the Arnie & Sylvester rendition of ‘Boat’s N Hoes’.