Labor MP David Feeney Expected To Resign After Yet Another Citizenship SNAFU

Labor MP David Feeney is reportedly set to step down from Parliament, becoming the latest Australian politician to be felled by the ongoing citizenship fiasco.

Feeney referred his case to the High Court in December, after admitting he could not find the relevant paperwork confirming he had renounced his British citizenship before his election in 2007.

The High Court, which had begun the process of investigating Feeney’s citizenship status, was due to continue investigations in March.

When asked by The Herald Sun for comment on the matter, Feeney said “I’ve got nothing to say.”

ACTU president Ged Kearney is expected to be Opposition Leader Bill Shorten’s #1 pick to overtake the marginal seat of Batman, which Labor only won at the 2016 Federal Election thanks to preference votes.

The once rusted-on Labor seat in inner Melbourne seat has recently been unsettled by rising support for The Greens. The Herald Sun states it’s unlikely the Liberal Party will mount a challenge in a potential by-election.

2017 still isn’t over, we guess.