Peep This Creepy AF Real Estate Listing, Complete With A Mural Of A Small Child In The Doorway

cursed house

Homeownership has long been regarded as the great Australian dream, but as any young Aussie would know, it’s bloody expensive to enter the property market.

For this reason, many people choose to purchase run-down properties, either to renovate, or to completely demolish. But unfortunately, old houses generally (not always) mean cursed houses.

So without further ado, I present to you: 9 Station Avenue, Blackwood. 

Upon first glance, it looks like your usual weatherboard house. The paint is chipping away and it could use a kitchen makeover, but it’s also got a big backyard, a bathtub (which is surprisingly hard to find) and ample room to make this house a home.

Cool and normal.

Nothing weird to see here.

UNTIL we get to the bedroom, which – for lack of a better word – is cursed and should be saged, burnt to the ground and never spoken of again.


In what looks to be an old, covered-up doorway, the previous owners have decided to paint a mural of a small child holding a teddy bear.

“It’s actually a painting on wallpaper,” selling agent Peter Jeffrey told

“It’s a solid, bolted shut, used-to-be sliding door.”

I know, I know, people have different design tastes, but uhh… What the fuck?


“There were eight girls brought up in that house and one of the daughters … put that there many years ago,” Jeffrey said, as if that’s meant to quash any fears that the house is haunted as fuck.

Prior to going on the market, the home was owned and occupied by the same family for 57 years, which means it’s probably just a nice, family home but I simply cannot stress this enough: cursed.

Cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed, cursed, CURSED.

Jeffrey clarified that the house has basically just been listed to be demolished or heavily renovated, which makes the creepy-ass picture less of a dealbreaker.

“For me it’s something you’d probably bowl over,” he said.

The house doesn’t have a price guide, but will be available for auction on November 28. So if you’re in the market for a haunted house, or just a block of land in Blackwood, SA, go forth.