Crown Resorts Is Investigating After A 60 Minutes Report Exposed An Employee As A Neo-Nazi


Crown Resorts has launched an internal investigation into one of its employees after an eight-month-long joint investigation by 60 Minutes and The Age infiltrated and unmasked a network of alleged neo-Nazis in Australia.

Daniel Todisco, who is a security manager for Crown Resorts in Melbourne, was recorded on a hidden camera boasting about “bossing around the fucking n****rs” at the casino.

“I just get them to do the shit jobs to be honest with you,” he added.

He also said he didn’t mind working for the company because much of the upper-management staff are white.

This footage was recorded covertly by an undercover reporter in a clubhouse of the National Socialist Network which has been dubbed ‘Racism HQ’.

Todisco also admitted to giving money to the neo-Nazi organisation.

The morning after the investigation first went to air, Crown Casino said it was looking into the matter.

“Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of Crown’s values and our workplace does not condone discrimination on any level,” a spokesperson for the casino said in a statement, per The Age.

“We are deeply concerned to hear last night’s media allegations and unauthorised comments attributed to a Crown employee.”

Along with Todisco, the report also levelled allegations at several other men, some of whom have public profiles or are employed in the civil service.

The report claimed that Tyrel Cameron, an IT consultant at Australia Post, Ari Fink, a man with links to bikies who works at a government agency, and Ryan Ulf Lindfors-Beswick, another bikie associate and former Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party candidate in Victoria, all have links to the neo-Nazi organisation.

Many more alleged neo-Nazis were identified as being bikies, members of other extremist groups or anti-lockdown protesters.

You can read the full investigation here. Part 2 will air on 60 Minutes on Sunday.