Crowdfunding Launches For WA Woman Fined $500 For Stealing Box Of Tampons

Earlier this week, Coolgardie police posted about a $500 on-the-spot infringement being issued to a woman for shoplifting an item worth $6.75 at a Caltex – in a tweet that has since been deleted.

On Thursday, news emerged over the infringement – revealing that it was issued to a young indigenous woman, and the stolen item was a box of tampons. In another (reply) tweet that has also since been deleted (smdh), Coolgardie Police said the woman did buy food and drink from the service station, but stole the tampons. 

Essentials 4 Women SA,
an Adelaide-based organisation for disadvantaged women, slammed the ruling online, before launching a crowdfunding campaign to cover the fine. 

The crowdfunding campaign has already drawn the support of over 225 backers, and raised $3800 in little over two days. 

“If this woman couldn’t afford the $6.75 for the tampons, how will she be able to pay up $500 (or 73 more packets of over-priced servo tampons) for this incredulous fine?”

While the campaign continues to gain traction online, however, Essentials 4 Women SA say they’re yet to find a way to pay for the fine with the money raised – as the infringement was issued on the spot, there are no court records, and the infringement number—required when making a payment—has not been released.

You can show your support for the campaign, and donate over here. 

You can tweet to the (now very quiet) Coolgardie Police account over here