There Was A Corgi Race In California This Weekend & The Winner Was Everyone

It’s the end of a busy Monday, so we figured the best way to close out the day, and to remind you that you can get through this week, month, even this year/to attempt to restore your sense of hope and optimism was with a series of pictures of corgis having a heckin run at the SoCal Corgi Nationals on Memorial Day Sunday.

Fuck it, we’re only human, and pictures of dogs can fix almost any ill: especially when those dogs are the most royalest of dogs, and have furry little bellies and grinning pupper faces and they’re just trying to chase sticks and hang out with their buddies at Santa Anita Park in California.

The race is run by So Cal Corgi Nation, a group of corgis and their hoomans, who also host So Cal Corgi Beach Day three times a year since 2012: a day of corgi-related vendors, hangouts with your corgi mates, and doggo limbo. Over 1100 corgis turned up to their last event on Huntington Beach from all over the US – and at least one proud pup came all the way from Japan.

A portion of money raised from all their events and merch goes to local corgi and corgi mix shelter, Queen’s Best Stumpy Dog Rescue.

The Corgi Nationals also featured carnival rides, a costume contest and corgi-related vendors, but that’s all an aside from the main event: 100-odd dogs having a go of it for charity/glory/treats. No other dogs allowed – not even on the grass to watch.

So that’s it, that’s the story, here are some very good dogs, Brent: