Corey Feldman To Name Hollywood Paedophiles In New Crowdfunded Doco

Former child star Corey Feldman has revealed his plan to expose an alleged Hollywood paedophile ring is to produce a documentary on the issue, and has called on supporters to crowdfund a film he claims “that can literally change the entertainment system as we know it.”

In a YouTube message, Feldman announced The Truth Campaign, saying “I believe that I can also bring down, potentially, a paedophile ring that I have been aware of since I was a child.

“Right off the bat I can name six names, one of them is still very powerful today, and a story that leads all the way up to a studio. It connects paedophilia to one of the major studios.”

Feldman, who states he was the victim of systemic child abuse along in the 1980s along with fellow actor Corey Haim, said the Indiegogo campaign will fund the film alongside security and legal costs.

Feldman hinted at the campaign over the weekend, telling his Twitter followers “I am working on a plan that may be a way forward to shed some light on this situation.

“If I can figure out a way to get actual justice while not risking my safety and well-being, you will know when that time comes. As for now, I’m glad people are talking and I pray others come forward.”

His renewed push comes amid a global focus on sexual abuse in the entertainment industry, following widespread allegations against producer Harvey Weinstein and director James Toback, among others.