Corey Feldman Says He Has A Plan To Bring Hollywood Pedophiles To Justice

Corey Feldman says he’s working on a plan to bring his abusers to justice, and has called on others to expose pedophiles operating within Hollywood.

The former child star (Stand By Me, The Goonies, Gremlins) has long been outspoken about the abuse he and his friend and former co-star Corey Haim – who died in 2010 after years of drug addiction – allegedly suffered.

“For the record: I will not be going on a talk show to disclose names of my abuser or anyone else’s abusers. So please stop asking me to do so,” he tweeted.

“I am working on a plan that may be a way forward to shed some light on this situation. If I can figure out a way to get actual justice while not risking my safety and well-being, you will know when that time comes. As for now, I’m glad people are talking and I pray others come forward.”

He said that it was fear for his family’s safety, not legal action, that’s preventing him from publicly naming his alleged abuser at this time.

“This is not about fear of being sued,” he said. “Yes, that’s a real possibility but the bigger reason is safety for my family.”

He also called on those who specifically knew about the crimes allegedly committed against him to come forward.

“I would love to see others come forward as there are many other witnesses to the crimes I have addressed,” he said. “Still not one of my peers has offered up anything in a decade.”

He said that speaking up about the abuse has hurt his career, and that he has been “mocked and shamed” for his actions up to now. (This week, a clip from a 2013 interview Feldman did with Barbara Walters on The View resurfaced, in which Walters challenges his claims and tells him he’s “damaging an entire industry.”)

He has long alleged that he was abused while working in Hollywood as a young child, detailing the abuse in both interviews and his 2013 memoir, Coreyography.

“[Corey Haim] had more direct abuse than I did,” he told The Hollywood Reporter in 2016. “With me, there were some molestations, and it did come from several hands, so to speak, but with Corey, his was direct rape, whereas mine was not actual rape. And his also occurred when he was 11. My son is 11 now, and I can’t even begin to fathom the idea of something like that happening to him. It would destroy his whole being. As I look at my son, a sweet, innocent, 11-year-old boy and then try to put him in Corey Haim’s shoes, I go, ‘Oh my God — well of course he was erratic and not well-behaved on sets and things like that.’ What more could we expect of him really? Everybody deals with things differently.

“Let’s just say it this way: I know every single person that interfered with his [Haim’s] life and he knew every person that interfered with mine.”

Feldman was also one of five former child stars who appeared in the 2014 documentary An Open Secret, which detailed widespread child abuse within Hollywood.

You can read his tweets in full below.

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