Convicted Sex Offender Rolf Harris To Be Released From UK Prison On Friday

Here’s an appalling little shock for your Thursday evening – Rolf Harris, the slimy fuck / disgraced entertainer convicted in 2014 of sexually assaulting several girls, will be released from British prison on Friday. 
Harris has been serving a sentence of five years and nine months in Stafford Prison for 12 counts of indecent assault. While in prison, he’s done a series of fucked and weird things, including making toilet roll didgeridoos and writing a ‘revenge album’ with highly disturbing lyrics. 
He is currently facing seven new charges related to the indecent assault of three women between 1971 and 2005. They were all teenagers at the time. 
According to Judge Deborah Taylor, Harris has been released on bail for these charges, and will be attending the trial in person when it resumes on Monday. He had previously been attending via video link, thanks to his age (he’s 87) and, presumably, the weight of his own evil being too much for him to stand under. 
Here’s hoping his jaunt out of jail is a brief one. 

Image: Getty / Alex Huckle.