#CocksNotGlocks Protest Gives Texas University Gun Laws The Shaft

Students at the University of Texas will be taking a hard look at gun regulation on campus next August, as a new concealed carry law will allow students to legally bear arms on university property. 

Somehow, that premise *still* seems less ridiculous than the protest it has spawned. 
Campus (DILDO) Carry is the Facebook page borne out of students’ frustration that real, lethal weapons will be brought onto campus, even in the wake of (damn near continual) U.S campus-based shootings, while the consensual use or display of sex toys remains vilified.

Organiser Jessica Jin is calling on students to replace cold, hard steel with Steely Dans to draw attention to the University’s flawed priorities, and over 3,000 people have pledged to whip their (prosthetic) willies out on campus.

The event has even spawned – God bless ’em – the hashtag #cocksnotglocks, which sums up the protest against conservative Americas dual obsessions with chastity and preserving the right to end another person’s life with a firearm.

While Jin recognises the protest’s seemingly crazy premise, she admits thesatirical employment of dildos has also sparked more serious conversations on topics like the perception of safety, the intersection of guns and sexuality, and even campus sexual assault.”
“Dildos and guns are in it together for the long haul.”

Addendum: The University of Texas football team is called the Longhorns. Use this information as you please. 
Image via AOTW.