Clive Palmer Calls For A Double Dissolution Over Busted Budget

He’s at it again. Continuing his political method of stirring the pot to stay in the news before rolling over and agreeing with the Government, the Palmer United Party‘s round mound of political rebound Clive Palmer has slammed the Abbott Government over a Federal Budget he claims has totally crashed.
Challenging Prime Minister Tony Abbott to call for a Double Dissolution and a subsequent new election, Palmer stated “The budget strategy has failed. They don’t have the numbers and we need a strategy for growth.
Palmer also challenged Federal Treasurer Joe Hockey‘s claim that Australia’s AAA rating would be at risk if the senate crossbench failed to pass the budget. Which is a claim from Hockey that’s particularly questionable given that he flat out admitted that the so-called economic emergency trumpeted by the Liberal Party just doesn’t exist on New Zealand TV a few short days ago.
In response, Tony Abbott – in a typical chesting-up style response – insisted that Palmer should respect the Government’s mandate and simply roll over and pass the budget. Which is the kind of debate-free, blind acquiescence that defeats the whole purpose of having a Senate in the first place.
Palmer also stated his “in principle” support for the Government’s controversial Work for the Dole scheme, but totally opposed forcing job seekers to apply for 40 jobs per month – an aspect of the unemployment reform that fellow senate crossbencher labelled as “nuts and insane.
As for whether or not Palmer will eventually cave and vote with the Government on this particular Senatorial issue – much like he did with the repeal of the Carbon Tax – Palmer said on all key issues moving forward he would be consulting his primary political advisor, pictured below.
Photo: Stefan Postles via Getty Images.