Calling An Australia-Wide Search Party ’Coz Chris Hemsworth’s Dog Sunny Is Missing

Call the police because Chris Hemsworth and Elsa Pataky’s adorable dog Sunny is MISSING. (I’m kidding, please don’t actually call the police, I’m sure the Hemsworth fam are already on the case).

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Sunny the Groodle has been missing since 2pm on Wednesday when she ran away from the family home. Not sure why anyone would want to leave Chris Hemsworth’s luxurious home, but unfortunately Sunny has.

Tracey Sparkes, a friend of Elsa Pataky, took to the Byron Bay Community Board Facebook group to raise the alarm.

“Update: Sunny is still missing, now approaching her second night lost. Please keep a lookout for her… She ran off after getting a zap from electric fencing.”

Obviously, Chris and Elsa can’t just throw their phone number up on a community page because they’re easily the most famous residents of Byron Bay. But thankfully, Trace is on the case and has been sharing all of the important info so we can hopefully give this story a happy ending.

“She is a large cream groodle, very friendly. Her hair is quite a bit longer than in the photo.”

Chris’ personal trainer, Luke Zocchi is also helping the family out, posting missing posters around the local area.

According to the missing poster, Sunny ran off after being zapped by an electric fence.

Sunny is a beloved member of the Hemsworth family, and is treasured by Chris, Elsa and their three kids. The friendly pooch is often spotted with the family at the beach or around the coastal town. Sunny also likes to watch Chris Hemsworth work out, so let’s get her home so she can continue lazing in the sun while a very ripped Thor lifts weights in front of her.

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It looks like everyone in the Hemsworth’s lives are helping search for the missing pooch, so hopefully she hasn’t gone far and hasn’t ended up in the hands of the wrong person.

I am deeply invested in the Sunny saga, so rest assured I will be giving updates as soon as we find out more about the situation.

If you live in Byron Bay or know anyone who does, please keep an eye out for this gorgeous groodle so we can give this story a happy ending.