Chinese Media Apparently Has A Very Apt Nickname For Peter Dutton

Peter Dutton is a fairly awful human being who, since taking over the role of Minister of Immigration, has somehow made Scott Morrison look like a damned saint by comparison.

He’s copping rightful roasting from the global community over his, frankly, reprehensible legislating and decision making regarding Australia’s thoroughly-embarrassing-at-best and internationally-criminal-at-worst treatment of asylum seekers on Manus Island.

And while the temptation is there to rage at him 24/7 and waste countless hours trying to picture how on earth the man manages to sleep at night (my take: upside-down clinging to a tree branch with his feet, screeching at moths) it’s nice to know, from time to time, that the rest of the world think he’s just as big of a muppet as what we all do.

Case in point, Chinese media has apparently given Dutton a nickname that more or less sums up everyone’s thoughts on the bloke.

Chinese-Australian news portal Yeeyi posted this filing on Dutton a little earlier today.

Loosely translated, that top headline reads a little like ‘Just now, Australia’s latest visa rules! Messy social media will be repatriated!’ which, realistically, we all get the general gist of.

But it’s this tiny little bit here that’s caught our bi-lingual eye.

Peeps on Twitter have pointed out that those three characters, in English, mean “Potato Brother.”

Yes, that’s right. In some Chinese media, Peter Dutton’s nickname is legitimately Potato Brother.

Potat Sibling.

Super Spud Bro.

To be perfectly honest, there hasn’t been a more fitting title for the bloke.