Channing Tatum Dragged Christopher Pyne’s Bullshit Accent On ‘The Project’

Anyone who’s ever travelled outside of Australia will be painfully aware at just how god-awful the Australian accent truly is. It is hideous. The departure lounge at any flight in any part of the world that is bound for Australia is the worst-sounding place on earth. Two Australian talking sounds like two rabid dogs going at each other in a tumble dryer. Some people, a select few, are afflicted with accents far worse than the average. And Christopher Pyne is absolutely one of those people. A weird, lithe gecko man with a voice like a punctured concertina. So Channing Tatum is well within his rights, being a sane and normal man, to drag the shit out of Pyne’s voice on live national TV.

[jwplayer nNX4qBOS]

Tatum followed up his in-person appearance in Melbourne where he announced the imminent arrival of Magic Mike Live in Australia by swinging The Project last night for a reasonably high-profile appearance on the show’s panel.

Mystifyingly enough, Pyne was also on the show, serving as a now-semi-regular member of the show’s hosting roster, a position he obtained through no reasonable logic, and one where he serves to fill the show’s “miserable old prick” quota which producers seem hell-bent on maintaining.

About halfway through the otherwise very entertaining interview, Pyne interjected to ask if Waleed Aly could “get a guernsey” in Magic Mike Live. A word that Channing Tatum has neither heard, nor could understand with Pyne’s nasal honking.

Skip to about 5:20 if you’re not terribly keen on waiting around.

Channing Tatum is right to have taken the piss out of that. A truly awful sounding sentence. Horrible stuff. Real rough on the ears.

If you missed out on the Magic Mike Live announcement details from yesterday, you can find all the good oil on it right here.