The Northern Territory is a mind-blowingly beautiful part of the world for a couple of distinct reasons: the dry bits towards the centre are expansive, arid and other-worldly, while the wet bits up north are lush and purely verdant.

Weird things happen when wetness creeps south, though. Weird, wonderful things, of the kind Territorians have been exposed to over the past couple of days. The Red Centre‘s intrepid photogs captured some ethereal shots of Uluru in the wet, and you honestly need to scope ’em out right this moment:

If that doesn’t make you take a mo’ to appreciate the natural bloody wonderland we call home, we’re not sure what will. Actually, scratch that: these shots, taken a lil’ earlier, might instil your heart with some much needed wonder:

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Of course, it ain’t just Uluru. The surrounding vistas were also gifted by fog, mist, and all manner of ethereal atmospheric anomalies:

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All of that’s vanished now, as humidity in the outback is wont to do. Well, there are currently spots of showers around that big, red expanse – but those monolithic rocks are back to looking more like something from Mars than Earth. 

At least we’ve got Instagram to refer to though, hey?

Source: Twitter.
Photo: Scott Ellis / Twitter.