Caroline Wilson Recalls Don Burke Asking To Lick Her Back At 1996 Logies

The ongoing allegations against Australian television stalwart Don Burke are still unfolding, and today we have another one to add: a Fairfax journalist has revealed that the Burke’s Backyard star once sat next to her at an awards show and asked to lick her back.

Caroline Wilson, a respected sports journalist and commentator, recalled the incident to Radio National.

She – heavily pregnant at the time – was put at the same table as Burke at the 1996 Logie Awards.

“He seemed like a nice bloke. The awards ceremony started and I remember I was wearing a navy blue velvet maternity evening dress,” she said.

“I turned around to look at the stage and I said to Don – because we’d been talking – ‘Please excuse my back’ because I was turning my back to him.

“He said, ‘Not at all. Do you mind if I lick it?’ It was gross. I wasn’t devastated or traumatised by it… it’s nothing compared to what he’s allegedly done to some people. I didn’t really talk to him much during the [rest of the] night.

“Obviously there were times as a woman in a man’s world where things were said to me. But the only time I remember someone in the TV industry saying anything [that] gross to me was Don Burke.”

Earlier this week, Fairfax and the ABC published a huge joint investigation into allegations of sexual harassment by a number of women during the course of his 17-year career as the host of Burke’s Backyard.

He denied the allegations, and later claimed that his self-diagnosis of autism may to be blame for misunderstanding people’s body language – a statement he was thoroughly rinsed for by the Australian autism community.

Journalist Kate McClyrmont, who is working with Tracey Spicer to uncover allegations of wide-spread sexual harassment and assault within the Australian media industry, told Sky News yesterday that there’s “hundreds” of women coming forward about Burke.