‘Can I Still Get An Uber’ And All Your Other Qs About Sydney’s Stricter Lockdown, Answered

Sydney Lockdown

As of 5pm Friday, more restrictions have been imposed on Greater Sydney given the growing number of infectious cases in the community. However, these new lockdown restrictions can be quite confusing, so we’ve taken the opportunity to grab some answers from NSW Health directly.

Like before, there are only four reasons to leave home which are:

  • Shopping for food and other essential goods
  • Medical care, compassionate needs, or to get a COVID-19 vaccine (provided you’re not subject to stay at home orders due to being a close contact)
  • Exercise outdoors
  • Essential work or education, if you cannot do so from home

But this time there are a couple more restrictions, like exercise travel limits, public gathering limits and only one person per household is now allowed to shop for essential household items . So here are some answers to do with these newly imposed restrictions.

How far can I travel for exercise?

There is now a 10km limit for exercise. That means, you can only travel within your 10km radius to go for a walk, bike ride, run etc. If you’re unsure how to figure that out, the website KMFromHome can help you.

How many people can I exercise with?

You can exercise with one other mate from another household, or the people you live with.

Can I give my mate a lift to the local park?

Nope. There is no carpooling allowed, unless it’s with someone from your own household.

Well, can I still get an Uber/Didi/Ola/Taxi?

Yes, but only if you need one for something essential e.g. exercising or going to the supermarket.

Can I still see an intimate partner?

Even following the announcement today that no one is allowed to have visitors, you can still get that D or V if it’s an intimate parter. But of course, be smart about it. Boyfriend of two years? Yes, perfectly fine. Guy you met on Tinder five seconds ago? No.

What if they live outside Greater Sydney?

Again that’s up to your common sense, but the message from Premier Gladys Berejiklian and NSW Chief Health Officer Dr. Kerry Chant deeply stresses people in the Greater Sydney region must not mingle with anyone outside of their households, except for under exceptional circumstances.


Yes, you can still buy your daily dose of anxiety juice – as long as that’s included in your one trip of the day. So a smart move would be to get a coffee on your way home from the supermarket, or take it with you on a walk.

Can I go to IKEA for eleven hours?

NO. For the love of god no. But if it’s essential e.g. you need a desk to work from home, then yes you can. There’s also this little snazzy option called click and collect (and delivery) so you’re minimising your contact with strangers. Although don’t be like me and buy a HUGE mirror via click and collect that won’t even fit in your ancient Mitsubishi Lancer. It’s hard work being this impossibly vein.

So does that mean I can’t browse my local shops?

Yep. No browsing. Just buying essentials.

Can I move house?

Yes, because that is considered essential. BUT you can’t get a mate to help you, so you’ll have to organise movers who have a valid working permit.

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