Police Blame Flicked Ciggie Butt For Devastating Bushfire That Destroyed Binna Burra

Binna Burra

Queensland Police have concluded that a flicked ciggie butt was the likely cause of the devastating bushfire that destroyed the Gold Coast‘s Binna Burra Lodge in September, so if you’re still flicking your butts all over the place, maybe don’t fuckin do that.

Officers say that they came to this conclusion after questioning two locals, aged 17 and 19. Per ABC News reports, they have determined that the fire was accidental. The pair, who have not been named, will not be prosecuted in relation to the incident.

Initially, investigators refused to reveal any information about the suspected cause of the blaze, out of fear that those responsible could be targeted in the small Gold Coast hinterland community. They released these further details today, after pressure from locals.

The chairman of Binna Burra lodge, which suffered “extreme” damage in the blaze, says he’s glad police revealed the cause of the fire. “Maybe it helps to get the message out about how super careful we all have to be at this time,” he said.

In related news, residents of the Gold Coast hinterland say they’re “disgusted” upon hearing that a recent bushfire, which came close to destroying homes, may have been started by live ammunition exercises at nearby Kokoda Barracks.

In a statement to the media, the Australian Defence Force acknowledged that certain training exercises involving the use of live ammunition can pose a fire risk, but said that it would be “inappropriate” to comment further.

Several days earlier, though, a Colonel from the Barracks conceded, via a Facebook post, that training exercises may well have been to blame. He said it’s “entirely possible” that a fire thought to have been extinguished may have reignited, leading to the blaze.

One local resident, who was evacuated from her home over the weekend, expressed outrage at the decision to train in “a place close to houses with no fire breaks” when there would appear to be plenty of other land available.