Residents Evacuated As Grass Fire Threatens Homes In Melbourne’s Northern Suburbs

bundoora fire

Bundoora, Greensborough and Mill Park residents have been urged to evacuate their homes as a grass fire ravages out of control nearby.

The fire started just 20km north of Melbourne’s CBD at Plenty Gorge. The blaze was under control on Monday morning, but later grew out of control, prompting an emergency warning at 3.20pm and 3.55pm this afternoon.

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All three of the effected suburbs are located less than 20km from Melbourne’s CBD.

Residents of Bundoora’s Clovement Way were issued an “evacuate now” warning as flames burned the parklands that back onto the road.

The dense terrain of the nearby parklands creates the perfect conditions for bushfires to spread quickly and grow out of control.

Meanwhile, people located on the northern side of the Metropolitan Ring Road between Booyan Court and Scholar Drive were told by emergency service workers that it was simply “too late to leave.”

“The fire was way in the distance this morning. Then the wind just picked up and out of nowhere, the whole area over the road was on fire,” Clovement Way resident Ange Vlahopoulos told The Age.

“Before you knew it, there was smoke everywhere and flames.”

Emergency services are urging residents of Bundoora, Greensborough, Mill Park, Plenty and South Morang to leave early as a wind change is expected to hit the city at approximately 8pm on Monday night, potentially changing the fire’s direction.

The fire is currently travelling south from the Tantunda Wetlands towards the Metropolitan Ring Road, which means that residents of Worcester Cresent, Henderson Court, Greenfields Drive, Springfield Court, Ibis Court and Zara Close should all be on high alert.

Spot fires and embers have been seen up to one kilometre away from the main fire, posing a potential risk to the wider area of Bundoora, Watsonia, Greensborough and surrounding suburbs.

According to The Age, emergency services have said that they may not be able to help residents who decide to remain in their homes as the fire is unpredictable and conditions could change at any time.

The Metropolitan Ring Road remains open, but drivers are advised to keep windows up, turn their air conditioning and headlines on, and take caution in the smoky conditions.

At least 16 fires are burning across the state of Victoria today, including out of control fires in East Gippsland. There is a total fire ban in place statewide.