In incredibly disappointing news for everyone in Melbourne who has been doing the right thing today, police have been called to Broadmeadows after a bunch of anti-lockdown protesters flocked to the streets.

Before we begin, let’s get one thing straight here: Dan Andrews isn’t a dictator. It’s not just insensitive to anyone who’s actually suffered at the hands of a dictator to say that, but it’s also just factually inaccurate.

Sure, we’re all being asked to stay home right now (for our own safety) but thanks to the fact that we are, in fact, not under an autocratic rule, you have the ability to vote Andrews out of office at the next election if that’s how you feel.

But back to the protest.

Police were called to Broadmeadows on Sunday afternoon, where they were met by a number of anti-lockdown protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

Footage shows protesters running across roads and jumping over fences by the dozen, prompting a hefty police presence in the area.

Protesters can also be heard shouting “resistance” at police officers and media, seemingly trying to resist the public health order put in place to get us out of the second wave of the virus.

According to footage shared on social media, protesters have simply “had enough” of the lockdown, which is probably a sentiment that many of us in Melbourne are sharing right now. But unfortunately, we’re battling a genuine public health crisis and can’t just *decide* it’s over.

In an interview with 7News Melbourne, one of the protesters asked to see the records of the 11 deaths recorded overnight, seemingly questioning the validity of the number. Just for reference, those records are freely available on the DHHS website on account of the fact that we are battling a very real public health crisis and not a hoax.

7News also reported up to six arrests at the scene, with reports of property damage also recorded.

The news comes as another 11 Victorians lost their life to the coronavirus on Sunday.

We’re all sick of lockdown. We all want the virus to be over. Don’t be that guy who keeps us in lockdown longer because you wanted to protest something stupid.