Breakup Notifier Makes Facebook Stalking A Breeze

“Stalking” (or browsing as some people call it) is such an inherent part of the Facebook experience that all the negative things that word connotes – underwear sniffing, unrequited anything, zany murders, California – somehow become things you should be flattered by. Not that we’ve never obtained surnames for the sole purpose of Facebook stalking people but there will come a time when courting and stalking become the same thing and with the release of Breakup Notifier that time is nigh.

In short Breakup Notifier is the Facebook app most likely to get you laid as the rebound guy/girl of the guy/girl whose profile you periodically check for new profile photos (preferably full body), general whereabouts and signs of relationship decay. The app lets you earmark the profiles of those in a relationship then automatically notifies you should that relationship status change. Or, as the app’s official website explains, “You like someone. They’re in a relationship. Be the first to know when they’re out of it.”

There’s something to be said about the ways in which the internet normalizes creepy behaviour but when the world’s first “Breakup Notifier Marriage” happens we’ll be genuinely happy for the couple (especially for the opportunistic weirdo who used Breakup Notifier as a stepping stone to marriage). Get creepy, everyone!

Title Image- Still from “The Social Network”