Bondi Hipsters And Youtube Superstars Unite For ABC2 Series

To accompany ABC2’s upcoming hashtagging sign of the times #7DaysLater, the dudes from Stuntbear have produced their own series for ABC2 to coincide with the show’s first season, starting Tuesday October 22. 

Featuring the ubiquitous Bondi Hipsters (whose promo prefers to tell us that ABC2 can suck my dick, man) among other youtube celebrities, ABC2 sums up their upcoming experiment that will either be really, really great or really, really not, by saying, “#7 Days Later is taking comedy to the scary arena of interactive storytelling where the audience gets to write the brief via social media for each weekly episode that will air just seven days later on ABC2.” With the first episode featuring the Whose Line Is It Anyway improv legend Colin Mochrie, we’re intrigued.

To iron out that mouthful of a premise, undergo a playful mistaken identity crisis in the ABC foyer, get tased and confirm that Adrien from Bondi Hipsters/Trent from Punchy has an actual name, the guys from stuntbear have released this gem – watch below. 

#7DaysLater airs on ABC2 at 9:00 pm on Tuesday 22 October. Scripting/brainstorm sessions for crowd-sourced plot lines of the upcoming weeks’ show will be held on their facebook page and through organised Google Hangouts.