Small Car Rolls Through Bondi Guardrail, Beaches Itself Like Tiny Four-Door Whale

NSW Police have cordoned off a section of Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach after a small car rolled through a handrail and flipped onto its roof, marking a very unsuccessful day on the sand for one unlucky driver.

Images obtained by PEDESTRIAN.TV show the hatchback or SUV capsized on a walkway underneath Notts Avenue.

Image supplied
Image supplied

Footage posted on social media after the incident shows police cordoning off the area.

In a statement, authorities said emergency services were called to the scene around 10:45am after reports of a traffic accident.

Police believe two drivers had a minor prang and were exchanging insurance details outside their cars when one of vehicles rolled forward.

It’s understood the car then plunged onto the walkway, landing on its roof in the process.

Thankfully, nobody was inside the vehicle at the time of its unexpected nosedive, and no pedestrians were hurt either.

The area remains cordoned off as authorities work to put the car where it belongs.