Bob Hawke Is At The Cricket Again And You Bloody Bet He’s Necking Frothies

Is there a sight in this barren, unforgiving land more glorious than former Prime Minister Bob Hawke skolling a beer at the cricket?

No. There simple isn’t.

The 88-year-old longest-serving ‘Strayan Labor Party PM is currently enjoying the Ashes, and about half an hour ago he blessed us with his annual ale inhaling talents:

Yes, he may be an octogenarian, but that did not impede on his ability to empty the contents of a tall one down his chunthole in roughly six and a half seconds flat.

What was his poison of choice? That’s unclear, but we’re hoping it was his very own brew, Hawke’s Lager.

It was exactly a year ago to the day that he last captivated us with his iconic grog guzzle, and while the man’s supreme oesophagus-based talents come as no surprise, Twitter was still titillated by the display:

Australians have no culture? Try again schhhhwoitie.

We leave you with this, a glorious compilation of Hawke’s GOAT skolls: