Bliss N Eso Confirm Actor Was Fatally Shot On Brisbane Set Of Music Vid

More details are emerging about the shooting that occurred at Brooklyn Standard, a bar in Brisbane‘s CBD, earlier this afternoon. 
Queensland Police told reporters at a press conference this afternoon that the shooting occurred at about 1:55pm today in relation to an Australian band’s music video, but wouldn’t confirm which group.
It has since emerged that the band involved was Sydney hip-hop outfit Bliss n Eso
Bliss n Eso’s management have confirmed that the shooting took place during the filming of an upcoming music video for the band.

We are able to confirm the death of a person occurred today at the filming of a Bliss n Eso music clip.  The band were not on site at the time.  The video production crew and our team are currently working with the police in their investigation and we are unable to provide further comment at this time.

Twitter user @nordacious, who works in the building where the shooting took place, explained to PEDESTRIAN.TV via phone that the people who worked on the ground floor told him that Bliss n Eso were filming that day. 

We found out that it was a Bliss n Eso film clip, that it was a man in his mid-20s who’d been accidentally shot.

A spokesperson for Queensland Police elaborated on the events that occurred early this afternoon, saying that a criminal investigation is now underway. 
During the filming of that scene several firearms were used, as a result of the use of those firearms one of the actors has received wounds to the chest and has subsequently died from those injuries. At this point in time Queensland Police are conducting a criminal investigation. 

We do not know specifically how those injuries have occurred at this point in time and that will be the subject of our investigation. We are working hand in hand with Queensland Workplace Health and Safety in conducting our investigations.” 
Brooklyn Standard, the bar in which the filming was taking place, have released a statement regarding the incident on their Facebook. 
Information is still emerging about the man who died. 9NEWS Brisbane has reported that Bliss n Eso recently advertised for a range of actors to take part in the shoot for their single ‘Friend Like You’, including roles for an Asian male aged 11-16, two white males aged in their 30s and a homeless man.
Source: 9NEWS Brisbane
Image: Twitter / @JoshBavas