Bigfoot Hunt Ends In Tragedy

‘Squatching, as it is affectionately known, is apparently still a thing in some parts of the US. Just let that sink in.

A group of three men were out a’sasquatch huntin’ in ‘murica when Omar Pineda heard a barking noise and so, naturally, he quickly turned and shot blindly in the general direction of the sound. Unfortunately, his friend’s back got in the way of his bullet.

Following the shooting three arrests have been made – Pineda, for obvious reasons, Pineda’s wife who told police he only shot because unknown assailants were firing on him (sure, babe) and Pineda’s father who tried to dispose of the gun used in the ‘accident’.

The shootee is now in recovery.

In other news, should there be anyone you know who is in need of a holiday to Belize, you can read up on ‘How to Hunt Bigfoot’ here.

via Gawker
Title image via Roger Patterson