Builders Found Illegally Dumped Packaging W/ Beck Lomas’ Name On It & Returned It To Her House

Beck Lomas

Builders in Melbourne have left a whole stack of cardboard boxes outside the home of Instagram influencer Beck Lomas, after they found the packaging illegally dumped on their Brighton construction site with Lomas’ name quite literally written all over it. However, the influencer denies leaving the rubbish there herself.

The packaging appeared to be for shipments of the products that Lomas gets paid to promote on Insta, as well as boxes for furniture and Kmart homewares. Obviously, this kind of stuff either belongs in the bin or needs to be taken to the tip.

“[On Wednesday] morning when our guys arrived at work in Brighton, one of our site bins that was designated for soil removal had been topped up overnight with a significant amount of plastic and cardboard,” construction company owner Matt Crawford told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“Funnily enough some of the packaging had Beck Lomas’ name and address on it. We had some of the packing for products she was promoting on her Instagram stories today such as Fiji Water and Kind-ly.”

Beck Lomas
This package was sent to Beck Lomas on behalf of vegan deodorant company Kind-ly. (Supplied)

The Victorian EPA lists packaging as one of the most common things that’s illegally dumped. However the organisation also notes that it’s not always individuals who’re responsible, but rather dodgy waste removal companies.

That’s exactly what Lomas claims to have happened.

“I mentioned to the [construction] worker who originally DM’d me that we had organised for someone to remove the rubbish from our house and had no idea that he has inappropriately dumped it,” she told P.TV.

“I was under the impression he was taking it to the tip. I’m trying to get to the bottom of it all myself now.”

Beck Lomas
The builders returned the boxes to the address listed. (Supplied)

Nevertheless, when Crawford came across the boxes, he hatched a plan for revenge.

“Unfortunately illegal dumping like this is not uncommon and is an unnecessary burden on our business,” he said.

“Being sure that these items had come from this address, I loaded them into a truck and returned them to Beck and her partner’s driveway.

“Hopefully they can find a more woke and vegan-like way to dispose of these items next time!”

This isn’t the first time Lomas has got into trouble while representing brands. Back in November last year, the influencer copped a heap of flak after breaching Melbourne’s strict lockdown restrictions.

Lomas claimed to have gone on a walk as part of the Fitbit Couples Challenge. Fitbit subsequently canned its working relationship with her when the news broke.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the brands in question this time around.