BBC’s Running A ‘Mental As’ Campaign With Stephen Fry & ABC’s Lovin’ It

Just for a moment, let’s pretend Australia isn’t raring to split from its colonial past, because sometimes the cross-cultural link between us and the Brits comes in handy. 

‘Spesh when it means Stephen Fry gets a chance to do his thing. 

The great man himself is set to headline a new suite of programming for the BBC focusing on mental health issues. The two-week season, entitled In The Mind, will feature special news reports highlighting the issue, and even the channel’s iconic soap EastEnders will weave postpartum psychosis into its storyline. 

The Beeb’s director James Harding says it’s just as important as it sounds:

“This is a moment when we stop and reflect on one of the big issues of our time, one that touches all of us.

We will report and examine – with all the BBC’s expertise, insight and understanding – on what’s really happening in mental health.”

The focal point? Fry’s The Not So Secret Life of the Manic Depressive: 10 Years On. The documentary will showcase the actor’s own struggles with bipolar disorder, a decade after he first helmed the landmark investigation into his own illness. It’ll also address the progress made in both the treatment and understanding of the disorder. 
If all of this sounds familiar, well, that’s because it is: it’s a damn near identical format to the ABC’s own Mental As campaign. Not like that’s a bad thing, says the ABC‘s head honcho Mark Scott. 
While they’ve previously run mental health campaigns on their youth-focussed outlets, it’ll mark their first full-on run of programming in the vein of Mental As. So, in the continued spirit of sharing, we oughta get the rights to that programming too, right? Right?

Either way, the campaign goes to air as of February 15, and we cannot wait. 

Source: The Guardian. 
Photo: Fox / Getty / Twitter.