Barnaby Joyce Found Out He Lost A Plum Gig By Seeing It In A Tweet

If there’s one thing that I think holds regardless of what strata of class society you exist in, it is this: you don’t want to find out you’ve lost a job from seeing it on Twitter. That’s precisely what happened to our one-time Deputy Prime Minister and wayward root rat Barnaby Joyce, who found out he lost his gig as special envoy for the drought from seeing it on a Sky News tweet.

He appeared on Sky this morning to further elaborate, and he is clearly salty that this was how he found out.

“I would have (expected a phone call), but I didn’t and that’s life,” he said.

“That is the role a leader has, they can make that call. But I think it is incumbent upon them to relay that to person to people, not to have them to find out via Twitter.”

Why it’s important is because you’ve got staff and you’ve got to ring people up. The first call I made when I did find out was to my staff and to say: ‘I’m really sorry about that, going to try and find you a job, you’re a good staff member, I’m sure there’s work out there, I’ll try put a good word out there in the respected places’.

It was widely accepted that the drought envoy role was just a way to keep Barnaby busy after last year’s leadership spill and his own torrid relationship dramas, in much the same way that Tony Abbott was given the gig of envoy to Indigenous Australians. Of course, Tony’s job is now gone for more obvious reasons: he ate shit at the election.

Anyway. At the end of the day, Barnaby is still a backbencher who earns a lot more than we do. And we’ll all have to savour that.