Barnaby Joyce Slammed For Throwing His Pregnant Lover “Under The Bus”

Overnight, Barnaby Joyce made one of the most baffling calls of his frankly bloody baffling political career, when he claimed in a wild Fairfax interview that he may not be the biological father of his pregnant lover Vikki Campion‘s baby.

It seems he did this purely to score points against The Daily Telegraph, who broke the story of his former adviser’s pregnancy, but apparently failed to check if he was really the dad (they refute this, saying they did check with his chief of staff, and there’s an email to prove it).

Joyce’s admission has been met with everything from incredulity to outright disbelief today, and his many, many detractors have seized upon the comments to ask what the bloody hell he was thinking.

Former New England rival Tony Windsor slammed the MP as a “grub”, saying:

“If anyone had doubts about Joyce’s character I think they now have a clear picture of this grub, [who] will sacrifice others on his blundering self centred path. How many more women does he have to damage?”

Others questioned why Joyce, who has complained at lengthy about media intrusion into his family’s private lives, would lob a bloody massive grenade about the parentage of his unborn child, exposing and potentially embarrassing his new partner Campion in the process.

“Wasn’t it Barnaby who said less than a fortnight ago that he was worried this child would be seen as less than in the eyes of the public?” asked Clementine Ford. “And now here he is, distancing himself from a baby not even born yet. Good job fuckface.”

In an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald overnight, Barnaby Joyce said his and Campion’s travel itineraries kept them apart for most of the time the baby was conceived last year, meaning there is a chance he might not be the father.

He has also said that irrespective of whether he is the biological parent, he will still love and raise the baby as his own. Campion’s take on all of this is unknown, but she is presumably thrilled that this is now the day’s biggest news story.

Joyce announced his resignation from the office of Deputy Prime Minister at a press conference in Armidale last week, as media and political pressure from the affair continued to grow.