The Tweets Worth Reading In The Wake Of The Aziz Ansari Story

With the multitude of stories about sexual harassment and assault that have been pouring out of Hollywood over the last few months, few have been so hotly debated as the one involving Aziz Ansari.

It’s not as easy to accept as Harvey Weinstein, nor as easy to be repulsed by as Louis C.K.. It’s about something that hits much, much closer to home, because it’s a situation many – possibly the majority – would have found ourselves in at some point.

Over the weekend, published an interview with a 23-year-old photographer identified only as Grace, who says she went on a date with the Master of None star and had her boundaries repeatedly crossed.

Ansari responded to the story to say that he believed everything to be consensual, and that when he learned she had been upset by the encounter (via text message the following day), he was “surprised and concerned”.

The story – and our responses to it – has exposed gaps in how we think about issues around consent. With that in mind, here are some tweets worth reading about the issue.

1. Charlotte Shane, author and essayist.

2. Beth McColl, writer and author.

3. Meredith Jeffers, essayist.

4. Dana Schwartz, journalist and author.

5. @JenJen, Twitter user.

6. Melinda Taub, writer and comedian.

7. Rayana Donn, Twitter user.

8. Lara Witt, writer and editor.

9. Judy Berman, writer.

10. David Klion, writer and editor.

11. Britni Danielle, writer.

12. Jennifer Writer, author and writer.