Here Are The Top New Year’s Resolutions Aussies Are Making & Then Swiftly Forgetting By March

new years resolutions 2023 australians

We’re in the last few hours of 2022 — thank Christ — but if you’ve scrolled on any of your various socials in the last 24 hours you’ve likely seen the one final trend before the ball drops: New Year’s resolutions. They’re a habit as old as time and we’re all guilty of making them and then forgetting about them by March. But what are Aussies resolving to do in 2023? Is it any different from any other year?

New research from Compare The Market has gathered the top New Year’s resolutions on the minds of Aussies as we crack open the champagne and hang a new calendar on the wall.

More than a third of us want to save more money in 2023 — which is no surprise considering lettuce was going for like $40 a head for a while there.

There’s no doubt that cost of living pressures have people wanting to weld their wallets shut (42.6 per cent, in fact) so wanting to be a bit more frugal and money-mindful is understandably a top priority.

Let’s keep that resolution in mind while we’re frantically buying tickets to doofs and a round of booger sugar every other weekend then, hey?

Out of those surveyed, 37.6 per cent of Aussies are promising a “new year, new me” energy for their resolutions yet again. One in 10 of them said they want to cut back on drinking and smoking next year, which I simply have to respect. Does this include honking on a vape? Who’s to say? Not me at 3am “getting some air” in the smokers.

But truly, considering the large offering of decent non-alcoholic options out there now that aren’t bulk lemonades/soft drinks that leave you with a sugar hangover, it’s a lot easier to go booze-free in 2023. Someone get back to me when they crack the code of actually good non-alc wine though.

Back to the research, more than one in five Aussies want to go on holiday next year (nice), 15 per cent of people want to be more mindful of the environment (gorgeous) and 12.6 per cent are keen to pull up stumps and find a new job (hell yeah, get it).

Of all the Aussies surveyed, the research found that Gen Z are most likely to have multiple resolutions on the go at once — bless, not yet jaded by the world. Meanwhile, Millennials are the keenest to give up the darts and pints, which makes sense considering they were the ones who lived through the original indie sleaze hoon era.

Older generations like Baby Boomers over 55 have given up on making resolutions entirely, which is probably the best way to live without feeling like you’re disappointing yourself. Now that’s how to live a guilt-free existence. Maybe those boomers are actually onto something, damn.

My resolution for 2023? You didn’t ask but I can tell you right now that it’s to log the fuck off.