A Sixth Explosion In Just 19 Days Has Rocked The US City Of Austin

Police and residents in the US city of AustinTexas remain on-edge, following the explosion of a sixth package bomb inside a span of just 19 days.

Authorities are currently on the scene at a Goodwill store location in South Austin, where a device reportedly detonated a short while ago.

This follows on from the fifth explosion in the string of incidents, which occurred just yesterday at a FedEx mailing facility in Schertz, just outside of San Antonio, which left one employee injured.

The bombings began on March 2nd with an explosion claiming the life of 39-year-old Anthony Stephan House. On March 12th, a second blast killed 17-year-old Draylen Mason. Later that same day, a third explosion severely injured an unidentified 75-year-old woman. In all three cases, the packages appeared to have been hand-delivered to people’s doorsteps, with the explosions occurring after the packages were opened by their unwitting recipients.

Following those three incidents, a fourth explosion occurred on March 18th in an upscale neighbourhood of southwest Austin, injuring two men – aged 22 and 23 – after a package was left on the side of the road. In this instance, police believe the package was detonated via a trip wire.

The FedEx explosion represents the first of the string of bombs that was sent via established courier services, rather than deliberately placed by hand.

An additional package was discovered at an Austin-based FedEx depot, with police and authorities intervening before it could harm anyone.

While the first five explosions have been deemed by authorities to be related, and possibly the work of a serial bomber, early reports from the ATF and FBI in Austin are asserting that this latest explosion was not a package bomb and is not related to the previous events.

They did, however, confirm that one person was injured in the incident.

Investigators have not identified any potential suspects in the previous string of explosions and subsequent deaths, but assert that they were all related.

There was some speculation that the bombings could be racially-motivated, given the identities of the deceased.

The investigation remains on-going.