Armed Militiamen Occupy US Government Buildings, Vow To “Stay For Years”

Oh, America. Land of the free, home of the brave, birthplace of like, at least 75% of the world’s gun-toting protestors.

Read this sentence, and remember this is something that’s really happening in a fully-developed, democratic nation: hundreds of dictionary-definition terrorists armed militiamen have overtaken federal offices in the state of Oregon, and they’re pledged to stay there for years. 



The story goes like this: two Oregonian ranchers were convicted by the Feds of arson on their own land, and were sentenced to 5 years’ imprisonment. They were set to report for their terms on Monday.

The Bundy clan, a bunch of self-proclaimed freedom fighters from Nevada, weren’t too keen on the U.S government getting their noses into the supposedly local issue, and headed north to protest the ranchers’ imminent lock-up.

The Bundys met up with some other militiamen in a peaceful protest. Events transpired. Perhaps they all got a little too hopped-up on the sight of so many firearms. Next thing you know, they’re occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters.

In a video posted to Facebook – medium of choice for all self-appointed freedom fighters – one of the Bundy boys said they’re hoping to “free up their land and resources… we’re the point of the spear that’s going to bring confidence to the rest of the people. We’re calling people to come out here and stand.”

Oh, he also tells ’em to “bring their arms.” Natch.

Here it is. Please know these men will speak to people civilly. Do not go up there guns blazing. Stay safe and smart.

Posted by Sarah Dee Spurlock on Saturday, 2 January 2016

According to The Oregonian, the group aren’t exactly averse to violence, if need be: they haven’t looked past the option of actually using all of those guns if authorities force them to move on.

Of course, all of this comes just a few days after details of President Barack Obama’s new I-am-so-sick-of-this-shit gun control measures leaked out. 

Perhaps the militiamen will retreat after accepting the overwhelming irony of mobilising ‘patriots’ from around the nation to protest in favour of local independence, but whatevs.  ¯_(?)_/¯
With any luck, everyone can get out of this one without any triggers being pulled on either side of the dispute.

Story: RT.
Photo: Twitter.